The Rising Sun

Client:The Rising Sun
Location:Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny

In May 2018 we had the pleasure of meeting with Richard, to discuss a CCTV system for his new business venture in The Rising Sun located in the village of Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny.

On first meeting with Richard he gave us the opportunity to design his CCCTV system from start to finish and put his trust in us to deliver this job to the highest standard.

The Rising Sun is a building with hundreds of years of history dating back as far as 1644, and with this has come a building which has beauty and character in abundance which left the task of installing the CCCTV system without compromise to the building. A task which was carried out seamlessly by our engineers.

The end result of this installation was a high quality HIK vision CCTV system which consisted of 54 IP 5mp cameras both internal and external wired throughout 3 different hubs in the building and all united back to a central hub for easy access and use.

CTS Technologies would like to thank Richard and all the staff at the Rising Sun for the great opportunity and massive well done to all involved in this project.