Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

We design, install, monitor and maintain Electronic Intruder Alarms for Business, Commercial buildings, Retail, Wairhouse, Schools, Rural and all different kinds of properties. Our products which differ in terms of functionality and application: whether you want a simple solution suitable for quick installation or more advanced control panels which combine alarm functions with automation and Access Control.

We can offer comprehensive commercial security system packages that come included with consultation, expert advice, pre-wiring, installation, commissioning, monitoring and ongoing servicing after installation. If you have a pre-existing security system that wasn’t installed by us in need of servicing or repair, - we can also provide an expert problem-solving service.

A professionally installed security system can help to reduce your insurance premiums, as well as deter a burglar. At CTS we offer two types of Intruder Alarms - wired and wireless. With these systems we offer a wide range of devices which include:

• Internal and external sirens

• Passive infra-red sensors (PIR)

• Pet tolerant PIR

• Magnetic contacts

• Shock sensors

• Smoke detectors

• CO2 Detectors

• Flood detectors

• Waterproof wristwatch

• Mandown transmitter

For further queries, don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form below, or contact our office where one of our highly trained personnel will be delighted to assist you.